History & Traditions

In 2000, Paul Klassen founded KLASSEN - Automobile GmbH in Minden and, as with any new company, not every start is easy.

The journey of Klassen - Automobile GmbH began when Paul Klassen left his secure job with the city of Minden and wanted to realize his big dream of his own luxury car dealership.

Starting in a small garage with a used bus, on which Paul Klassen tinkered and tried to implement his ideas, KLASSEN has now grown into one of the world's most famous luxury refiners.

Klassen worked with small 21-seater buses, which resemble Sprinters, for around six years. He sold his first converted bus to Africa, but he had his first breakthrough in 2013, when he converted and extended a van. The extension is now not only for the comfort of the rear passengers, but also for the driver in the driver's area. This generated a lot of interest because what seemed impossible was made possible by KLASSEN.

Today, almost 10 years after the breakthrough, KLASSEN provides to international customers worldwide and builds refined luxury bodies that you cannot imagine. Whether refined, extended or armored. At KLASSEN, no wish remains unfulfilled. The vehicles contain almost everything you can think of - be it an espresso machine, a television, a games console, a humidor or a glass holder. Name your ideas and wishes and KLASSEN will make it possible for you!

Discretion is not only of great importance to the customers, but also to the KLASSEN team. The names and the status of our customers will of course remain discreet and confidential if desired - but one thing can be said - everything from athletes to politicians is included. Be it someone from China, the former Soviet Union, Cambodia or our neighbor, the Czech Republic.

KLASSEN has made an international name for itself in over 20 years and still does not rest on its laurels. On the contrary, it keeps going!

Let yourself be convinced by the work and the quality of KLASSEN!

We look forward to seeing you and our journey together to your new luxury class vehicle!